Health Source is a full-service contract manufacturer of softgels, tablets, capsules, powders, granules and liquids for the dietary supplements and personal health care industries. We have four softgel capsule production lines, which can produce 3 billion softgels per year. There are also independent tablet, hard capsule and powder workshops with annual production capacity of 700 million tablets, 200 million hard capsules and 300 tons of powder.
We continue to enrich the lifestyle of consumers and proudly stands high as one of the leading company in health and wellness by manufacturing innovative products and advanced solutions to the market. 
We search the globe for the best raw materials and guarantee you that all your products will be manufactured in our own factory, and also guarantee you one of the shortest order lead time in the industry, as well as packaging services.
We make long-term investments in the development of new products and the improvement of our production processes. At the same time, we are able to flexibly and rapidly react to changing requirements from customers and markets. Thanks to this strategy, Health Source ensures its long-term competitiveness and continuously increases its market share.


We are dedicated to growing a dynamic and profitable nutritional supplement contract manufacturing business through innovation, hard work, and honest ethical business practice. We provide an engaging and satisfying work environment for our employees, produce the highest quality nutritional products available, and offer superior value and service to our customers.
We will be the leading contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Through our innovative production methods, uncompromising attention to customer needs, and the conscientious efforts of our employees, no other company will be able to offer the combination of quality, price, and service that we provide.