Your ideas are the heart and soul of a successful product. Our highly educated and experienced team provide professional consultation to ensure that your vision is perfected.
No matter the product, using pure ingredients is key. Our Research and Development team will always source the highest quality material to use in all of our customer’s products, allowing us to provide brand reliability time after time.
Following formulation, a series of pilot runs enables us to promise consistent results that you and your customers can trust.
Each and every batch is closely monitored; even the slightest deviation is documented and considered for approval. Suggestions are made during production and are noted and reviewed by our experts to provide the greatest assurance of quality in your product. Our Research and Development team uses this information to modify future batches if need be, keeping your product at the top of the market.
With the brand orientation of “Culture of origin”,and the development concept of “Technology is productivity,Technology is competitiveness,Technology is vitality” Source Health has attracted a large number of top domestic bio tech talents, and actively cooperated with China’s leading biotechnology research and education institutions. At present,Source Health are discussing the establishment of the close cooperative relationship in scientific research project with Tsinghua university,Shandong university,University of the South and Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.
We attached great importance on products’ independent research and development. Replying on our R&D expertise and the alliance of well-known domestic biotechnology enterprises, we have developed more than 70 varieties of health care products, which own the independent intellectual property rights.









Consumer Needs Research
Global Market Information Collection
Product Orientation Research

Formulation Design
Cost Management
Validity Check

Product License Application
Marketing Plan
Follow-up Service

Consumer Acceptance Test
Product stability test
Product Efficacy Test

According to market demand, we design the best formulas and develop third generation functional health products.

Study better ways of achieving the product from the laboratory to mass production

Base research
Study dietary habits, physical status and needs of consumers, 
raw materials characteristics and development