1. Put the mask front outwards, the side with nose strip is upside, pull each ear loop with hands;
2. Put the ear loops behind the ears and adjust to make it as comfortable as possible;
3. Press the nose strip against nose shape and make mask attach to the nose wing;
4. Pull the folds of the mask to the chin to present a three-dimensional breathing space, and check the tightness between the mask and the face.


1. Single use only, reuse prohibited.
2. Use as soon as possible after opening.
3. Discard after use. Products expired are prohibited to use.

Product Name:  Disposable Face Mask
Applicable People: Adult
Stock: Yes
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Components: non-woven fabric 67%, melt-blown fabric 33%
Place of Origin: China
Color: white/blue
Size: 17.5*9.5cm
BFE≥98% PFE≥95%
Package: 50pieces/box*40/carton