Calcium + vitamin D3 softgel
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calcium + vitamin D3 softgel capsule is the primary substance for composition of bones and teeth. The loss and lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis even fractures among the adults and postmenopausal women.Children calcium deficiency can lead to dysplasia, growth retardation, susceptible to rickets, poor health and low immunity. Infants and young children will also caused dysplasia due to lack of calcium. Calcium also affects the function of nerve and muscle at junction,it will cause convulsions when the calcium content is too low. To add A moderate amount of vitamin D3,it can induce calcium to reach the body required part,make the absorption effect better and achieve the effect of calcium supplements.


1. Strengthen the teeth and bones, prevent and relieve waist soreness, leg pain and foot and leg spasm caused by acalcerosis.

2. Maintain the normal excitation of muscles and nerves and strengthen the conduction function of nervous system.

3. Reduce accumulation of aluminum in human body, lower cholesterol level and prevent senile dementia, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

Suitable Crowd:

1. Children with night crying or night sweating.

2. Adolescents in development period.

3. Females in gestational period or lactation period.

4. People suffering from waist soreness, backache, spasm and osteoporosis.

5. People disliking milk or milk products.